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Mora Gruppen

When design makes sense. It´s not only their saying it is Damixa´s believes and well grounded value from where they grow. Danish design at it´s best. 

Wonderful Danish design grounded in the northern tradition of straight forward and cleanness Vzual Interior & Display could deliver a solution that was suited for the task and more of all for their brand.

FM Mattsson Display
Mora background

Our Role

The Damixa concept is a part of the Three-In-One solution for the Mora Group. We´re proud to say that also this finish makes Damixa stand out as well as it follows it´s brands guidelines. 

With the same platform as the other brands in Mora Group this is scaling production to a new level. Small but important differences that creates the uniqueness of the experiences of the interior. The assembling is, thanks to the common platforms, scaleable which means that Damica receives even faster delivery times. 

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