FM Mattsson

FM Mattsson was proudly founded 1865 by Matts Mattsson and has ever since been a pioneer for this whole industry. Their water taps are not only by far the most innovative ones, they are beautifully designed and most often bought to be a well thought detail within interior design. FM Mattsson  work just as hard on the inside. No wonder they have been around and successful for 150 years.

Vzual was trusted to make an interior display for FM Mattsson that makes the brand pop the bit extra. Something unique and delightful at the same time. Vzual made an interior made of metal, glass, light and copper. All materials sourced within Sweden and assembled in Småland. Quality to the tee.

FM Mattsson Display
bakgrund hemsida fm mattsson

Our Role

Vzual Interior & Display embraced it´s challenge. We put together our resources from Design, Architecture and more of all Visual Merchandising. We were to build premium quality to with a budget not as stretched. More of all, the delivery was Shop-in-Shop as well as Display.

Today we can enjoy FM Mattsson´s water taps on our lovely, we believe, Display solutions. More of all, the consumers can walk around, feel and touch the water taps from FM Mattsson that now are popped with a premium feeling all the way from the stores floor.