Mekonomen Group is the leading car service chain in northern Europe, offering affordable and innovative solutions and products for consumers and companies

When the surrounding world changes at a rapid pace and with it the conditions of doing business, we have to be able to listen and act quickly to keep our leading position. This is why we are launching Digital Signage to our stores. Needless to say, it will enhance speed, compliance and flexibility to our offer at the point of sale, says Per Netzell CMO at Mekonomen.


Our Role

Vzual conducted a descriptive analysis of the challenges and opportunities for Mekonomen with Digital Signage. A thorough business case showed great ROI. Being independent we let more than five screen suppliers pitch their hardware. Hence we had high demands on visibility, durability and smoothness.

Rolling out more than 350 screens throughout our long and beautiful country was done in cooperation with Mekonomen. Hence we were able to cut cost and install even faster. Moreover Vzual educated their Helpdesk in order to keep the same support numbers internally. Smoothness is key.