Founded 90 years ago Mora Armature is one of the Northern Europe’s leading and most modern armature factories. Every year 450 000 new customers can start their day with tapping fresh water from one of its water taps.

Being in Mora Group is dynamic and developing at all time. Together we see changes in the surrounding landscape faster and sharper. We embraced the opportunity Vzual presented by it´s Interior & Display solutions to the whole group. And now our water taps and more of all our brand has a new stand out point in the stores. Maria Sparr, Marketing Communication Manager at FM Mattsson Mora Group AB.


Our Role

Having the trust to deliver to the whole Mora Group the opportunity lied within making a Display & Interior solution that can be scaled for all their brands. With the same platform we could tweak its look independently and make every brand positions well to its´segment in the market. 

Mora sells on the high quality and great modern designed looks. The Vzual Interior and Display solutions makes the brand look great in the stores inviting the customers to touch, feel and view the Mora Water taps from every angle. More of all, the solution is scaled and the platform is identical in the Mora Group making it value for money to a dimension we really proud of. Vzual at it´s best.