Skydda Concept Store

Skydda offers solutions within personal protection to the industry and construction sector. With more than 40 years experience Skydda is the market leader in the Nordic region.

Vzual is an agile and creative group of people. More of all they listen to our needs and make the most of every objective. Mattias Sebell, CMO Bergman & Beving.

Our Role

We work with various project stakeholders throughout Skydda to ensure that the projec is executed to the highest standards. The retail displays must showcase the Skydda brand while providing a cutting edge environment for customers to learn  and feel about the latest products and services.​

Skydda Concept Store 3
Skydda Concept Store
Skydda Concept Store 1
Skydda Concept Store 2
Skydda Concept Store 4
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Skydda Concept Store 7
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Our Role

Vzual adapts to Skyddas' design guidelines to suit the Nordic market. We provide Interior Design, Exhibitionscenters, Endless Store and Project Management for Skydda across Scandinavia. Our involvement begins at concept development and follows through to construction documentation, installations and scaling the products delivered.

A new strategy was taken into action at the Skydda Head Office. The aim is to be clearer and more of all to be the natural and obvious choice for the customer within Protective Wear. Vzual received the great honor of bringing the strategy and concept to life. Our aim was to build a solution that you really want to spend time in, where you can browse the whole and amazing assortment from Skydda in an inspiring way. But also, when you are in the need for speed the fronting is categorized in a natural consumer decision making way, says Helena Vzual´s Visual Merchandiser.

Interested  of knowing more about this project? Send us a mail and our our Rock Star Visual Merchandiser will hand out her report to you. Thanks for showing your interest!

Thank you for showing interest!